Storage Tips

U-Haul 1 Free Month Storage with 1-Way Truck


Custome must have U-Haul Storage Voucher to claim free month storage with one-way equipment rental.

Scott County Mini Storage will honor this U-Haul discount for a free month but the minimum stay at this facility is two (2) months. New tenant must prepay 2nd month, the one time administration Fee of $24.00 at time of Move-In . New tenant must secure storage unit using only a Disk lock. This facility only uses Disk locks on storage units due to insurance purposes. If new tenant does not have a Disk lock one can be purchased at time of Move-In. Insurance is also a requirment at this facility. New tenant can use there own home owners policy or renter insurance in lue of purchacing our Safestor Coverage. If new tenant does not have insurance the facility will offer a very affordable alternative called Safestor and it can be purchased at time of Move-In. 

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