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Storage Terms and Conditions


We use first (1st) of month billing and pro-rated rent at time of move-in and not at time of move out. In other words you are paying for Month to Month Storage, not day to day or week to week. 

We offer On-Line Bill Pay, Pay by Phone and Automatic Bill Pay Services. Rates and promotions shown are estimated costs and may change at any time. Regular standard rates will apply to units after promotion period(s) end. Monthly late fees will be applied to unpaid balances in accordance with your lease. All rents received are nonrefundable.

Move In Procedure

We offer flexible month to month lease agreements. Must have any valid state issued id or driver's license and be 18 years of age or older. Discounts will be given during lease signing, if applicable. Promotions cannot be combined. Discounts can't be combined with other offers. A small one-time administration fee of $24.00 will apply to each unit rented. Administration fee applies to all reservation's made in-store, online or thru any referral company used to reserve your unit. Failure to cancel your reservation by 5:00 PM of the date you picked, the unit will become rentable to the public again. All storage units are subject to availability. We require that all tenants secure their storage units with a round disk style lock. These are available for sale for your convenience, however you are not required to purchase the lock from us. All units may be subject to standard price increases. All storage unit sizes are approximated.

As with any lease agreement, please take the time to read it, and understand it before signing it. Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand any part of it. Referral's from third party sites pricing may be different at time of move in and can't be changed. 

Move Out Procedure
Move Out Procedure
This is in accordance with your lease that was signed upon moving into storage. We require a 10 day written notice to vacate. Email from the primary lease holder will be accepted. Be sure you are all moved out by the last day of the current month by 10:00 PM. In order not to be charged for the next month`s rent, you must also have your belongings removed, your lock from the unit, and do not leave any garbage behind that would add additional charges to your account.
*The Blue Garbage Dumpster on site is for (SCMS Facility Use Only).

*The Green Garbage Dumpsters outside the building belong to the USPS - and are not for use. Any illegal dumping is subject to heavy fines.

The small facility garbage cans are provided to all for incidental garbage, please do not abuse this privilege.

*Pricing and related fee's to rent the Blue Garbage Dumpster is available at the office.

*Items we do not accept:  LARGE ITEMS LIKE DESKS, LARGE APPLIANCE'S, MATTRESSES and BOX SPRINGS, SMALL APPLIANCE'S, TV's, BATTERIES, HAZARDOUS WASTE, PCB BALLASTS, FLOURESCENT BULBS, ALL LIQUIDS, PAINT, TAR, CAULK, FUEL, YARD WASTE, MACHINE/CAR PARTS. Do not bring garbage from home or leave items behind on moving day or your account will be billed accordingly for illegal dumping.

Referral Rewards
Each time you refer a friend or a colleague and they sign a new lease for storage at Scott County Mini Storage, you will earn $10.00 credit on your current rental unit.

Since the beginning of our Online Customer Review Program, our core principles are that we trust the viewing public to be the ultimate judge of what their fellow customers are saying about us. We have a completely hands-off approach; we post them all - we do not remove any unless distasteful views arise. Anything other than this principle is a corporate advertising promotion, not the public service program we strive for.  Please help us by leaving your review on places like Goggle or U-Haul by searching for Scott County Mini Storage or by visiting our homepage guest-book on the right side of the page.

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